Liberal leadership race heating up

Only seven months to go and Grits are still bickering about the rules. Sadly, much of this is prompted by self-interest. Wouldn’t it be great if we were to have a true contest, a debate of ideas and leadership, rather than a limited field of pre-selected picks? I was on the Hill during the Martin coronation, working for a Martinite. I had been asked to help on his campaign, and said no. It was hard to get enthusiastic about a leadership race when the result appeared to be a foregone conclusion.

Yesterday, I talked with Krista Erickson about the race. No, I don’t think Jean Charest is going to run but not because of his polling numbers. Timing is just bad for him, all around. It will be interesting to see who does jump in, though. A few weeks ago, a couple of friends of mine from back in the Ignatieff (short-lived) era posted on Facebook that they were heading to Halifax. “Geoff Regan’s thinking about it,” I said to a friend. Geoff’s a good guy and a solid MP, he’ll be good for the race if he does.

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