Tory MP Vellacott calls convicted criminals “heroines of humanity”

I guess this is what the ruling federal Conservative party thinks is tough on crime.

You see, there’s this Reform Canadian Alliance Tory MP, Maurice Vellacott, who, quite frankly, is an abomination. He’s been in all sorts of trouble over the years (here and here). He’s also a hardcore pro-lifer, which brings us to this post.

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary, each MP was allowed to nominate deserving Canadians for the occasion’s medal. Vellacott decided to nominate a jailed anti-abortion activist named Mary Wagner, who’s been held since August. Another pro-lifer, who’s faced similar charges, was also nominated. ¬†Shockingly, both these women are now recipients of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Vellacott compares these women to civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

Like I said, abomination.

UPDATE: Vellacott writes in a statement:

“Unlike the justice minister, Vellacott was unable to award these medals to the victims of crime, because these baby victims are dead, so instead the award to those ‘heroines of humanity’ Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons who are trying to protect defenceless, voiceless human beings in the womb from butchery and death, and trying to let vulnerable women know that there are other options and support and adoption possibilities,” Vellacott said in his statement. “It’s what you would expect in a caring compassionate society.”

Yes, you read that right. Convicted criminals have been awarded medals in an effort to show appreciation for their crimes.

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