Justin on pot

I’ve defended Trudeau a few times on Sun News saying that he’s not a “shiny pony” (their words) but that, while not an intellectual (even Justin agrees), he’s a smart guy. And what I’m liking more and more is the fact that he’s willing to take positions on things – and not just easy things, but issues that may be controversial or unpopular.

A couple of weeks ago Trudeau spoke out against Quebec’s (separatist) government and insisted that the province’s language laws don’t need strengthening. He went even further and said that the PQ’s language policy is “unnecessary and counter-productive.” Being from the Left Coast, I know that his will help him out west but what I appreciate more is that he was willing to take a stand on an issue he knew he would be heavily criticized for in his home province.

That was a gutsy move.

And then yesterday Justin, when asked about marijuana, didn’t waffle or hedge like so many other politicians. Rather, he declared that the war on drugs isn’t working and pot should be decriminalized. Many liberals like me support that position, which was first given serious legislative consideration when former Justice Minister Martin Cauchon said the same thing in 2003.

Whether you agree with Trudeau or not, isn’t the point. I look forward to hearing more from him.

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