Wildrose leader Danielle Smith is dangerous

Alberta’s last election, held just seven months ago, was notable for a couple of things. First, because so many people – pollsters, journalist, etc. – got the results so very wrong and secondly, the completely intolerant and crazy views of several Wildrose candidates.

Like Allan Hunsperger the anti-gay candidate who said that homosexuals will “suffer the rest of eternity in a lake of fire.” And John Carpay, anti-gay and anti-choice. Another who said white people are better and homosexuality is “illegitimate.” Many of her candidates were also out-of-touch climate change deniers. Most of her candidates were men, and white.

During the election she stood behind all these candidates saying that by doing that she was championing free speech.

Well, okay… Gotcha. It’s an election and you’re blowing your lead and you’re doing anything and everything just to hang the fuck on.

Fast forward seven months to this weekend. Believe it or not she  still is defending these bozos. She does a wee mea culpa by suggesting that her party needs to vet candidates better, however. She then continues:

“But every single person who runs for office has to be able to state their views in a way that is respectful to all Albertans (and) in a way that if they are to be elected, their constituents believe they will be able to represent every person who comes into their constituency office.”

How, exactly, do you be both intolerant and respectful? There is no such thing as a respectful bigot. I’m betting that not a single gay or lesbian Albertan feels that Allan Hunsperger can represent them. Not ever.

So, why is Smith dangerous? Because she knows that these extreme right-wing zealots wield power in her party and if she were to do the right thing – refuse to sign these bastards’ nomination papers – she’d be out of the top job. She has now enabled bigots and endorsed their hateful, intolerant views.

Shame on her.

2 Comments on “Wildrose leader Danielle Smith is dangerous”

  1. luvtosmock says:

    Yes, shame on her. Bigger question is why she wants to hang on to that particular job? Is she, then, just such a hateful bigot herself, “wolf in sheep’s clothing”? Kudos to you, Lisa, for writing this blog and keeping the focus on what might be a fading issue here in Ontario. Well-done you!

  2. I have to agree. Less than a year ago Smith was starting off here speeches with a swipe at “the Friends of Medicare”. Why would that be your #1 enemy if you believed in single payer health care? THey can’t even stand a Peter Lougheed knock-off like Alison redford! Scary indeed.

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