No one is above the law: Rob Ford is removed from office

I have to be honest, I didn’t see this coming. Last night I was asked my thoughts on the likely outcome of the Ford case. “I hope he’s kicked out of office but, sometimes, elites (generally rich white guys, in my opinion) seem to be able to operate under a set of rules the rest of us don’t have access to.”  Cynical? Very.

But today I was proven wrong. And happily so. The judge on this case, a tough judge with years of experience, determined that Rob Ford was in clear violation of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, and removed him from office. The judge also mentions Ford’s “stubborn sense of entitlement” and “confrontational attitude.”

The judge was also right when he wrote “a high standard must be expected from an elected official in a position of leadership and responsibility.”

You got that right. Rob Ford did the wrong thing. When you break the rules, there’s a price to pay and no one is above the law. By ensuring that everyone follows the same set of rules – even the elites – democracy is better served: Democracy isn’t lost when a judgment removes a law-breaker from office. It’s preserved when officer-holders aren’t found to be above the law.

The next couple of days will bring accusations of “left-wing conspiracy,” etc., to be sure (it’s Pavlovian). But let’s not forget one thing: Rob Ford did this to himself.

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