I’m sure glad Tammy Duckworth defeated this guy

Abortion was a major issue in the recent U.S. election – usually brought up by old white guys running for the Republican party. But there was one guy, running against the amazing Tammy Duckworth, who said that abortion is never necessary to save a woman’s life, explaining, “with modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance” of a woman dying from pregnancy or childbirth.

Tell that to this poor woman’s family.

It would sure be great if women were valued by these lunatics for more than their ability to carry a fetus.

Liberal Watch

A leadership race race that’s barely two months long doesn’t give the candidates much room for error but it’s more exciting for the rest of us. Think the Academy Awards without the stupid dance routines or commercials – the race should be both entertaining and substantive.

Oh, and I’m with Sandra.


Comments – UPDATED

The amount of support I’ve received has been overwhelming, and very touching. Not everyone, however, is kind.

Like this guy, Danny Sykes. Details below:

“You’re a lying and ugly cunt, your lawsuit will fail and I hope you continue suffering, mentally of course as your face has already taken quite a beating by the looks of it.”


IP address:

And then there’s this guy:


“John Worsnop” seems to be a Twitter account created solely to trash me, as well as my daughter. That’s right, “he” went after my kid yesterday saying the same filth to her as was said to me.  You know, even when people are trying to keep their identities hidden, they have ways of revealing themselves.

My statement on the Ornge stories

Many media outlets are reporting on a lawsuit I have launched against Ornge. I did not provide my lawsuit to anyone. I had no intention to comment on the stories as my case is before the courts and I felt that I should refrain from making any statement. Unfortunately, comments attributed to the former CEO of Ornge and one of his former lawyers, are simply inaccurate and, quite frankly, demonstrate what it was like to work at Ornge before the government stepped in.

I was a Whistleblower. I gave information to various parties and they did their own independent investigation. Those agencies made their own determination of what sanctions should be put in place. Now, the old regime and their representatives are pointing the finger at me and saying that there was no scandal, I somehow created one out of thin air. Those statements are preposterous but are a perfect example of what it was like to work at Ornge under its former leadership.

Do as I say, not as I did

So says former Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.


Top 10 reasons why Obama should (and will!) be re-elected

In no particular order:

  1. He ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policies in America’s military.
  2. Advanced women’s rights in the workplace.
  3. Expanded access to healthcare.
  4. He appointed two pro-choice women to the Supreme Court.
  5. Under his command, Osama bin Laden is dead.
  6. Ended the war in Iraq.
  7. He is the first president to endorse same-sex marriage.
  8. Increased access to post-secondary education for lower-income families.
  9. Expanded hate crime legislation.
  10. Passed Wall Street reform.

It’ll be a late night for sure, but he’ll win tomorrow, too.


Toronto needs a mayor

Everyone’s throwing each other under the bus (so to speak) as to why two TTC buses stranded passengers so they could go and fetch Rob Ford’s football team last week. Yes, I want to know who authorized it but an even bigger question I have is this: Just who the Hell does Rob Ford think he is?

Ford has shown us that there are two sets of rules: one for him, and one for the rest of us. And he’s shown us this over and over and over again. I’m sure there are many more examples, too.

I’ve had it with this guy.





Wake the F*ck Up (NSFW)

You know that children’s book, Go the F*ck to Sleep? This is a take off on that, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and it’s funded by the Jewish Council for Education and Research. Well done!



Four more sleeps until E-day.

That “rape thing”

Another Republican – male, natch – talks about being against abortion and, you know, that “rape thing.” Here.