The New Year

For the second year in a row, we’re bringing in the New Year in my hometown of Vancouver. It’s been quite a year. Here’s hoping for a quieter 2013.

I’m not a big resolution maker (or keeper) but here’s a few:

1. Go to the gym more. Okay, just go to the gym, period. As I’m reminded with alarming frequency these days, I’m not as young as I used to be.

2. Stop eating like a teenager. My sister asked me yesterday if I had a hollow leg. My goal: eat better. Chocolate is not a meal and breakfast is important.

3. Buy fewer shoes. I’ve accumulated five pairs while visiting the West Coast, but they were on sale. So, that’s okay, right?

4. Write a book. This has been a resolution for a number of years – this year I’m doing it. Maybe I’ll reward myself with shoes.

5. Worry less. (Never happen but it’s always on the list).

Happy New year to all of you!

Far-right crazies

Seems one of my recent posts has offended a certain racist piece of garbage. I’m entertained by the fact that this pathetic loser – who is shunned by every media organization in the country and is effectively broke as a consequence of various libel actions – sits at her computer obsessing over everything I say and do. I hope I give her a heart attack, but I mean that in the nicest possible way.

A man wouldn’t have been asked this question

But, my question is this: why the hell did she answer?


I spent the first 32 years of my life in and around Vancouver. I miss it.

Not the rain, though.



You may know from visiting my site that I have some experience with this. A bad experience, but an experience nonetheless.

I’m happy that Ornge has finally put a formal whistleblowing policy in place, but the principle behind it should have been there from day one.  Under the old regime, you were punished when you raised concerns and complaints.  Excuses were made and change was promised, but it would never happen. You were pushed out and ostracized, with senior executives arriving at your office to give you a “teaching moment.” Under the new regime, much changed, but not all.

The Soviet Constitution was the most beautiful constitution in the world.  But, unless concrete action accompanies the beautiful words, they’re just words.

Ornge should remember that.

Watch this


And then read about this NRA bullshit. Because, you know, putting guns in schools with little kids is a great idea.


Good thing these guys don’t want to run the provincial economy or anything…

Because they sure as hell can’t add. Can you spot the Tories’ bad math?


This is not the answer

I’ve been listening, reading, watching the various reactions to Friday’s tragic events – political and others. Aside from the formal gun lobby going silent, many conservatives are doing whatever they can to spin this global conversation away from (much needed) gun control.

Like this Republican Congressman who thinks school principals should be armed with assault rifles:

“I wish to God she had had an M-4 in her office, locked up so when she heard gunfire, she pulls it out…and takes him out and takes his head off…”

This is not the answer.

Conservatives like to accuse liberals of being “soft on crime,” well, how about we start with banning hand guns and hand rifles. How about we make guns harder to get, not easier. How about we make sure that no parent ever again has to go through the hell that the Newtown parents are now living.

Gun control, now


Comment on today’s Ornge story

I can’t say anything, other than:

  1. I’m happy it’s finally over.
  2. I’m happy with my amazing lawyer, David Shiller.
  3. I’m shocked that I actually bumped down Ikea Monkey on the front of the Globe’s website!

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