48 hours until OLP convention kick off

Hard to believe that in three days we will have a new Ontario Premier. I was a huge fan of Dalton McGuinty – and will continue to be – but am excited about this next chapter of the Liberal government. As you know, my choice for Premier is Sandra Pupatello. She is dynamic, engaging and a proven winner. The Toronto Star said, under Pupatello, we would see “a frugal government with a social conscience.” I like that. I think most Ontarians would agree.

I learned last night that I – along with some blogging friends, Big City Lib and Scott Tribe, among others – have been given accredited blogger status for the convention. I may likely tweet more than post throughout the weekend, so if you’re interested in following me, my handle is @LisaKirbie. I will do my best to be entertaining.


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