Convention kickoff!

Today’s a busy day! I was at MLG earlier to register for the Ontario Liberal Party convention and pick up some Sandra swag. Ran into Minister of Finance Dwight Duncan and Grit MPP Michael Gravelle and had a few minutes to chat with both. Convention weekends are like old home week for all political types – most you are happy to see. Excitement is high! As we were leaving, Charles Sousa and his team arrived – I don’t know what his name is but the kid who was leading the charge was great!

Later this afternoon I’ll be stopping in at Sun News Network to talk with Caryn Lieberman about what to expect over the next day or so. SNN will be broadcasting from MLG on Saturday so I’ll be checking in with them on site, too. And much later tonight, Warren and I will be heading over to the Sound Academy for the sold-out Soundgarden show.

Hard to believe that in just a bit more than 24 hours Ontario will have a new Premier but first, we say good-bye to Dalton McGuinty, which takes place tonight. There will be few dry eyes at MLG. Dalton is one class act and he will be missed. Check out his farewell video below. Thank you, Premier.


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