The best of times, the worst of times, etc

Political conventions tend to bring out the best of its party members – renewal, camaraderie, etc. But some of the worst, too.

Like what happened last night.

You may know there was a huge 80 vehicle pile up on the 401 late yesterday afternoon. Many people were stuck in it, including my friends, John and Linda Fraser. John has worked for Premier McGuinty for 14 years. Some delegates were part of the accident, and I hope all are ok.

Because of this, there was a concern that they’d miss the registration deadline and not be able to vote today. Some campaigns quickly petitioned the party to extend registration hours to ensure no delegates were disenfranchised. One other, Kathleen Wynne’s team, actively tried to prevent this.

So worried are they about delegates from other teams – particularly Sandra’s – voting, they did everything they could to ensure cut off remained at 11 pm.

They failed.

And they will lose today.

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