SNN and CBC on this cold January Sunday

It was a busy day for me today. And, I was asked to go on both Sun News Network and the CBC to talk about today’s federal Liberal leadership debate, which took place in Vancouver.

Interesting to note that, given this debate was in BC – my home province, no less – there was only the briefest of mentions of marijuana. My daughter told me earlier that she received an email from one of the candidates saying she (I think it was a she, but my daughter can’t remember) would legalize it if given the opportunity.

The debate was hard to watch both because of the format and how many people there were on stage. No one was a disaster. No one scored a knock out. Joyce Murray got chippy at one point. Lots of astronaut jokes. That about sums it up, I think.



What a load of crap

I know, and like, Stephen Maher. He is a solid reporter who refuses to give up when he’s found a story that needs to be told. This government – the Harper government – isn’t happy with him. And this is how they react. They have reached a new low.

The Harper Government: Losers

As in, they lose the personal information of Canadians over and over again. As one of this country’s many student loan borrowers, now they may have lost mine. I’ll keep you posted.

Confused about Attawapiskat?

You’re not alone. We are being bombarded with mixed messages, a concerted effort to discredit Chief Spence and a big dose of bullshit, in some cases.  If you are longing for facts, then I encourage you to read this.

Some of what I’ve been reading lately reminds me of this Malcolm X quote:

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

More on the OLP leadership convention and bloggers

After rumours that the Ontario Liberal Party wouldn’t be allowing bloggers’ access to the upcoming leadership convention, I’m happy to hear this.

I’m running to be a delegate – for Sandra, of course – in Beaches East York but if I don’t get elected, I’ll be applying to come as a blogger. See you on the convention floor!

Sandra in iPolitics

I get asked, often, what Sandra’s like – truthfully, she is exactly who she presents herself to be, which is sometimes a rarity in politics. Not only smart, savvy and charismatic, she’s also compassionate and kind. She always asks about my kids and in the next breath, after a warm hug, reminds me that she wants to cook for me (because I’m too skinny – she’s right).  It should also be noted that her energy is boundless and her stamina would put a person half her age to shame.

And yes, she’s hilariously funny.

Mazza in the Globe

I have many things to say about this but due to a generous court settlement, I can’t.

From the “You can’t make this stuff up” file

Well, he couldn’t do any worse, I guess.

More Jose Canseco fun, here.