Everyone, meet Bocanut – Updated again


You may be familiar with him already. Check here. For many months now, Bocanut has been obsessively commenting on my website, media websites and other bloggers’ websites about me. Most make references to my relationship, including sexual comments.

Given his past history (check the hyperlinks above), I’m growing concerned about my safety, as well as my children’s. If you have details on where he lives or works, please send them my way, so I can pass it along to the authorities.

If it helps, this is the information that accompanied the missive I received from him this morning:

IP address:

Update: Just got another note from him. Here’s more details:


Updated again: Three emails, now, from Bocanut in about two hours.

7 Comments on “Everyone, meet Bocanut – Updated again”

  1. luvtosmock says:

    Hi Lisa.

    Sorry, I have no information but I’ll do some research today and get in touch with my assigned officer to see if he has information you might be able to use.

    Although I’ve been a victim of it myself, the amount and degree of cyber bullying and hatred continues to amaze me.

    Best of luck. Pam.

  2. Here’s some more intel: http://whois.domaintools.com/

    Stay safe.

    Ditto to Warren and the kids. I have some experience fighting cyberbullies, I know how it feels.

    May G*d watch over the cops who will have to raid this stalker’s bunker.

    • Lisa;

      I think you want to call this Sunday the IP holder of this bully at TekSavvy the 24/7 Technical Support desk at 1.877.357.2889 immediately after e-mailing them at abuse@teksavvy.com with ALL of the data. You want to make sure you get through to a live person and then tell them a cyberstalker at has been harassing you and again, check for your e-mail at abuse@teksavvy.com. Advise them that you want to file a formal complaint for harassment and that law enforcement will be in touch w/ TekSavvy for full data on the IP address holder to trace back to the cyberbully.

      My leads come from http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?ip= plus some very simple detective work.

      I figure the least I can do for a fellow Pupatellomaniac is drop the intel here. E-mail me at josefk-AT-usa-DOT-com if there’s somehow some way I can help.

  3. Concerned says:

    So from WK’s post’s picture he’s this guy who grew up in Yorkton, SK & graduated high school in 1969
    which makes him about 60-62 years old

    • Concerned says:

      also shows up in Google searches as having played for the (Saskatoon) Hilltops hockey team in 1972 (when he’d have been about 20)

  4. bigcitylib says:

    No links, but having surfed around a bit I think he’s a cancer survivor, both parents died of cancer, and also loves band Poco (as should we all, incidentally). See their website Poconuts, where he seems to be quite active on the forums. Note the similarity of names. Haven’t yet been able to scour all messages for geographic or other details. Also mentions on plenty of fish that both parents died of cancer. He is still active on their old forum even if his profile seems to have disappeared.

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