Garneau’s big move

One of the major criticisms of both the Ontario Liberal and federal Liberal leadership races is that they were, and are, boring. Everyone’s too nice, too dull, too blah.

A couple of weeks ago at the Manitoba “debate” many of the candidates, when asked to tell a little about themselves, talked about housework. Marc Garneau, who happens to be a freaking astronaut talked at length about his love of vacuuming. This was the race’s low point thus far.

After the non-debate debate I’m guessing the astronaut and his advisors realized they needed to do something to shake up this dullsville “race.” What to do? After all, Garneau is “at least as charismatic as Stephen Harper.” (Great line, btw).

And they decided to go where no man had gone before. Garneau mused in a letter to party members that Justin Trudeau has nothing under the hood. While not impressed by how Team Garneau made the accusation (it was out of character), I was impressed that he did it at all.

I’m sure Garneau will be criticized for handing the Tory’s attack ad material (just think back to Ignatieff’s “We didn’t get it done, Stephane”), but let’s get real, the attacks are coming regardless.

With only two months left to go, if any of the eight candidates who are not Justin Trudeau, don’t challenge the front runner, they might as well pack it in. I’m not sure that Trudeau’s beatable at this point but why get in the ring if you aren’t going to try to win?

Ultimately, what Garneau did this week might not be in the Liberal party’s best interest but it definitely was in his. And thank God we’re still not talking about vacuuming.

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