MHF attacks JT and sort of apologizes

I’ve just returned from a short vacation in la belle province, where I dropped in at the Sun News HQ  in Montreal to talk with Brian Dunstan about the Grits’ weekend debate. And, of course, that exchange between Martha Hall Findlay and Justin Trudeau, which I called desperate.

It seems that Ms. Hall Findlay decided to apologize. Check this out:

“There are some who believe that I overstepped a line in the leadership debate yesterday. To Justin, his family and to those whwere offended, I apologize.” (This was apparently posted to MHF’s website, which seems to be down).

But is it really an apology? Look, I have no doubt that if MHF could take back her words, she would. Not only has she handed the Tories an attack ad on a silver platter, she’s alienated party members (who booed her rant during the live debate) and effectively killed her candidacy. But look at the words: “there are some who believe” and “to those who were offended.” That’s what is called a conditional apology. In this case only two words needed to be uttered: “I’m sorry.”

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