Tory Minister makes sexist remark to young woman – UPDATED

Hey look, a troll who posts from the Manulife Centre in Toronto without enough courage to post his real name says I’m going to be a bad wife one day!


In what universe is it acceptable to tell a young woman that she’s going to make someone a great wife one day?

Well, in Stephen Harper’s Canada, I guess we still live in a Mad Men world.

Shame on Conservative Fisheries minister Keith Ashfield, and shame on this entire government. I sure hope he, and his boss, get asked about this tomorrow:

In Fredericton, MP and federal Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield, invited the media to a staged family conversation about the budget with Roland and Gina Moreno and their two daughters.

It was an opportunity to highlight the government’s emphasis on training young people for jobs the economy needs, but things went awkwardly off-script at the start as Ashfield sampled baked goods and chatted with eldest daughter Grace Moreno, a local high school student leader.

“Grace, you’re a great cook,” Ashfield said. “You’re going to make a wonderful wife for somebody.”

(H/T Jim Calder)

11 Comments on “Tory Minister makes sexist remark to young woman – UPDATED”

  1. ikeawgu says:

    In what Universe is this a sexist remark? Get a life.

    • Jane DeSante says:

      THANK YOU! As a WOMAN I think this is a bunch of crap that is poisoning the feminist movement. There was a time when feminism was about being equal, not having everyone in the world punished for saying compliments… I have told my son he will be a great dad some day, I must truly apologize shouldn’t I! I must have been trying to lock him up in a cabinet and forcing him to only be a dad (and probably torture him too right!) I’m not sure if you truly believe this idiocy (it would be a great way to drive traffic to your blog to say crazy things…), but you should be ashamed of yourself. Feminism is about equality, not having the right to silence anyone you don’t like (even on things that have absolutely nothing to do with gender…)

    • I agree. Domestic life is a “future”. If there weren’t wives, there would be no population (unless everyone had children without marriage). What a diabolical perception women have now of their goals and dreams. Hopefully the world won’t lose its domestic ladies. If I am blessed with daughters, I’ll do my best to teach them the domestic life AND how to make delicious cookies!

  2. luvtosmock says:

    Clever of you to have picked up on this and highlighted it. Thank you!

    Sadly, this is endemic in the Tory world of “grey-faced white men”, to borrow from Ms Tina Fey.

  3. Jack Sumner says:

    Where do you politically wrong-headed jerks come from?? This comment belongs in the real universe! Your comment smacks of someone who is denying the natural laws of nature! Grow up and get in the real world, not the one you are trying hard to create. You will be much happier.

  4. anonymous says:

    Somebody should buy Keith a doctor barbie and an astronaut barbie as part of the EAP advanced job training program. He could play with them during cabinet meetings, and share them with his Reform colleagues.

  5. Buff says:

    seriously it is time to draw the line on political correctness

  6. I guess, under the standards of those who have been offended, I am also a “sexist”. I would take it as a compliment if someone thought I would make a good wife. How topsy-turvy is the world now that women would get their backs up about the possibility of a domestic vocation? And us it so wrong to be a wife who cooks well and takes care of her family instead of wearing power suits and carrying a briefcase? Being a loving wife and mother is still a “future”. The common view of women now has lost its femininity. Hopefully this diabolical expectation of women seeking life goals/ careers as men will eventually become obsolete.

    • Xenophon says:

      I don’t think the issue is over whether women should consider marrying, staying at home and raising kids rather than chasing a career. Of course they should do that, and be proud of doing so, if that’s what they desire. I think people are upset over the minister’s comments because they were perceived (rightly or wrongly) as limiting women to being “good wives”. As a man, I work with many career women. I also have friends who chose to stay home with their children rather than pursue a career. What I take from feminism is that women should have a choice over which path to follow, that they should have equal opportunity in either path, and that we should respect whichever choice they make.

  7. Joe O'Neill says:

    At what point did the minister tell the young woman she should be a wife and nothing else?

    At no point?

    Oh, okay.

  8. Jim says:

    This reporter/blogger??…and I use the terms reluctantly is deranged for even thinking in this manner. How pathetic. It is so pathetic I have nothing further to say as really it isn’t worthy of comment. For the NDP to bring this up in the house of commons shows just how low their party has stooped.

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