Michelle Rempel

Speaking of sexism, Tory MP Michelle Rempel has put up with a lot of crap lately. She and I may not agree on much politically, but I admire her statements in the House of Commons in which she has called for an end to sexist comments and language:

Judge us on our policy and judge us on our performance. On behalf of all of my colleagues, all of the women in my life who have supported me in this journey—and this one is for them—all the women who have fought for our right to be here and all the women I certainly hope will follow us to this place, I know that together we will not tolerate those who seek to belittle us based on our gender.

So, today, for the second day, the Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition asked Minister Ashfield about the inappropriate comment he made to a young woman during a Conservative press event designed to hype their recent budget. And again, Megan Leslie was heckled and her question disregarded. But the most interesting part of this clip is Michelle Rempel, seated behind the minister, looking very, very uncomfortable.

First check out the QP clip and then see the tweet below it.


In this government, Rempel’s applauding was a gutsy move.

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