Harper government using taxpayer dollars to attack Trudeau – UPDATED

The Tories say that Justin Trudeau is in over his head but I think that the Harper government has lost its mind.

As a Grit staffer for many years, I have produced and had distributed countless 10%ers and Householders in my early Hill career (ask any staffer what the least favourite part of their job is and this is way, way up there). Taxpayers fund the salaries of the staffers who develop these flyers, they fund their production and they fund the mailing and distribution of them. The purpose of 10%ers is supposed to be to inform your boss’s constituents about the goings on in Ottawa, new government programs and things he or she is up to both in the House of Commons and in the riding.

And, when I was there at least, these flyers were always subject to the approval of a non-partisan body. If they were deemed to violate any rules – and I can’t believe something like this would be allowed through – they would be sent back and you redo it.

All this to say, I can’t believe that the Harper government is getting away with this.

Attack Justin Trudeau with private fundraised dollars all you want, but I can’t believe the gall/stupidity of this government to use public money to do so. My money. And yours.

UPDATE: Trudeau finally responds. CPC MP and government House Leader Peter Van Loan says the mail-outs don’t violate parliamentary rules. (I find that hard to believe – it would be nice if those rules were publicly posted. Anyone?).


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