The man everyone wants to hear from

David Price, Rob Ford confidante, is having a very bad week.

You may not know who he is – neither did I until he started calling me – but he’s known Rob Ford since the 80s when he helped coached Ford’s high school football team. Recently, and seemingly with little experience, the Mayor hired Price as his Director of Operations and Logistics (a post that keeps Price very close to the Mayor).

Now, given the (alleged) recent crack cocaine scandal – that now has the added element of murder – everyone wants to hear from Price. The Star and the Globe have both published pieces on Price, and his involvement with the clip that (allegedly) shows Rob Ford smoking crack, with a person who is now dead. According to these reports, Price knew the location of the video and that the video’s original owner was “killed for it.”  Ford’s now-former Chief of Staff wisely told Price to not go looking for that tape. Instead – also, wisely – Towhey went to the cops.

Everyone now wants to hear from David Price. Not surprising given how much information Price actually has (how did Price know where the clip was shot?).

And until I had published this post about how Rob Ford called me at night and then hung up on me, I had never heard of Price. Within days, Price was trying to reach me. Here’s one of his voice mails (I’ve edited out his cell phone number) in which Price says that he’s been very busy with a couple of “very high-profile issues these days.”

Very interesting, all things considered.

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