Wynne Liberals need to help the Huronia Survivors get the justice they deserve

But they’re not.

I work with the abused Huronia survivors so this is close to my heart. Not only is the government delaying justice, the government has denied even owing these women and men a duty of care. That’s right, children – some still in diapers – were placed in the government’s care where they were abused – physically, sexually and emotionally – while in government-run institutions. But now they say they don’t owe them a duty of care.

Yesterday, Pat and Marie – two of the brave survivors – were part of a press conference at Queen’s Park, where they talked about the abuse. Here’s a taste of what life has been like for them.

Marie (who was institutionalized at the age of seven): “We were herded into the shower like cattle, all naked. And we would have to wait in line for clothes and underwear, naked.”

Marie: “I thought I was going to die there and be buried behind the barn where the stones had numbers and no names.”

Marie: “We had to walk around the playroom with our pants down to humiliate us.”

Pat (who was also seven when she was dropped off at Huronia): “My ┬ámom let go of my hand and I was left with strangers.”

Pat: “They turned me upside down in the hopper [a toilet]. Held me upside down by my feet with my face in the hopper. I couldn’t breathe.”

Pat: “Some of the staff would stomp you on the head.”

Pat: “I call [being institutionalized] being imprisoned for a crime we didn’t commit. What was the crime? Having an intellectual disability.”

I dare you to watch the video below and not want to help. And after you watch, ask yourself why isn’t the government helping them? Then go ask Premier Wynne and her Attorney General John Gerretsen.




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