The PMO needs some adult supervision

The Tories have a lot of problems these days. From Harper’s Chief of Staff writing an ill-advised (and now subject to an ongoing RCMP investigation) $90K cheque to a senator who was caught double-dipping to Elections Canada disasters to plummeting political support.

So, what does the Conservative Party brain trust decide to do? Use political staffers – paid for by you and me – to protest Justin Trudeau. Leader of the Third Party. With 34 seats.

We’ve learned two things about the Tories from this one episode: They are desperately, ridiculously scared of Justin Trudeau and they don’t give a shit about taxpayers’ money anymore.

One Comment on “The PMO needs some adult supervision”

  1. .. the suggestion has been made numerous time (by us).. to simply build a list of PMO employees. They have been hired by ‘the government’ to serve the government of Canada.. and theoretically, like MPs, Ministers etc.. serving Canadians and Canada.

    A privilege, a glowing heart opportunity .. where Canada should expect to see exemplars at work.

    Unfortunately … it seems nobody wants to share or supply or build such a useful list.. including names, job title, pay scale, immediate supervisor, scope of required tasks, credentials, background, security check.

    We have a smattering of interns, junior PMO staff .. named & ID’d for spoofing Justin Trudeau via signage.. and Ms Weekes re the Grace charity bamboozle.. and force feeding dullard mainstream media

    Oh .. !! Crack out the flag and the marching bands, the nation is safe again .. was just some konswervative ‘kids’ .. interns .. disposable ..

    Where is the hard-ass interest in forensically pinning down EVERYONE who interacts with Jenni Byrne, Ray Novak or Arthur Hamilton.. or Stephen Lecce? Or Tom Flanagan ?

    Let;s come to terms with the desperate reality that Stephen Harper condones the use of drones and droogs and ignorant thugs, and intellectual poseurs like himself

    Who told Pam Wallin she was toast.. and resign or be tossed? Who are the lead idiots or strategists ? Who are the key data miners? The farmed salmon deviants? The green dilbit evangelists ? Who fluffs talking points for Joe Oliver ? Who pats Peter Kent on the head ?

    Who are the PMO droids or delinquents or communications trolls ? The senior advisors making + 200 or 300 or 400 LARGE .. the policy dwarts, the robowanks n cranks.. the frack the nation advocates, the F35 arseholes, the smug anti First Nation pugs, thugs, droogs n mooks?

    The Fatuous & Few .. the Flawed ..
    The Petulant, Petty & Ignorant Pricks
    The Harper Extreme Marine Mollusk Korpse

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