That’s *Minister* Pierre Poilievre to you

What a total joke. For a government that desperately needed fresh faces and new direction, the appointment of Poilievre is counter-intuitive.

Don’t know who he is? Read on. You’re welcome.

Since being elected in 2004, Poilievre has been an embarrassment to his party – and Canadians – both in and out of the House of Commons. From racist comments to immature temper tantrums, he is a walking talking symbol of what is wrong with this government. Harper promoting him is just mind-boggling.

Highlights are found herehereherehere and, of course, here.  And for a giggle.

One Comment on “That’s *Minister* Pierre Poilievre to you”

  1. anonymous says:

    Skippy is not a *real* minister. He is a minister with training wheels. And let us all hope it goes no further than that.

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