PC candidate Matt Young = Tory puppet, flip-flopper

My friend, John Fraser, is the Liberal candidate in Ottawa South – former premier Dalton McGuinty’s riding. I’ve known John and his family since arriving in Ottawa in 2002. His wife and I are particularly close, and my kids consider her an honourary aunt. John is one of the most decent, hard-working, honest people I know. He’s kind and smart and he truly wants to help this riding’s residents, which he has been doing for the last 14 years.

And along comes PC candidate Matt Young who proudly states on his bio that he is “not a career politician.” Well, he’s certainly getting a crash course in how the Tories do politics. Yesterday, Young smeared Fraser at a hastily arranged press conference in which Young – and various other Tories – insinuated that John was hiding his involvement in the gas plants file, even though there is no evidence of this whatsoever.

When this was explained to Young – using small words, I’m guessing – he retracted his position and said, “I was assured by other people in the party or else I never would have spoken about (the backup tapes).” Really? He was “assured” by “other people in the party.” Like whom? Vic Fideli? Lisa MacLeod? Tim Hudak? Well, Young doesn’t say but we can all guess, can’t we?

Then, later on in the day (after party operatives got a hold of him, I’m sure), Matt Young changes his position again and tells a reporter that he stands by his first position.

Confused yet?

To sum up:

  • PC candidate Matt Young smears Liberal candidate John Fraser at a press conference, even though there’s no evidence to support his attack.
  • Matt Young retracts his position, blames “party people.”
  • Matt Young goes back to his first position, again no evidence to support it.

If you’re a fan of Lisa MacLeod-style politics, then vote for Matt. But if you want an MPP who is dedicated to the riding and the people who live in it, John’s your guy.

3 Comments on “PC candidate Matt Young = Tory puppet, flip-flopper”

  1. john beattie says:

    John Fraser is one of the most decent people I have ever met. If I lived in his riding I would be knocking on doors for him.

  2. Shepard says:

    Warren’s latest blog post makes sense now. He’s defending uncle John!


  3. […] tell him that his leader, Tim Hudak, promised to defund abortion if he were elected premier. It seems that Matt Young is just another Tim Hudak, but in short pants. Is there even a single pro-choice PC candidate of the […]

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