Abortion just became a by-election issue for the PCs

Way back in the summer of 2011, PC leader Tim Hudak had a substantial lead over the governing McGuinty Liberals. So significant was it that Hudak and his boys were already measuring for drapes in government members’ offices.

And then this happened:

Hudak and abortion

That’s right: “…[I]t is the government’s role to promote the choice of life… .” And when questioned by the media, he refused to confirm or deny that this was still his position. He stuttered and stumbled every single time a reporter stuck a microphone in his face – Hudak even had right-wing media dogging him.

You could almost hear his support shrinking. The Toronto Star quoted a pollster at the time saying, “The one thing that can kill the Tories is to be caught out on a social issue and there‚Äôs nothing like abortion in terms of a social issue.”

Odd isn’t it then that the Tories picked Ali Chahbar as their candidate in London West.

According to the pro-life zealots, Chahbar is “Pro-life and pro-family (whatever “pro-family” means)” and on a recent call with a “pro-life leader, Chahbar indicated that he is strongly pro-life and was raised with the value that human life is sacred.

One of the biggest threats to Hudak ever becoming premier of Ontario is that woman don’t like him much, and on the matter of reproductive choice, we don’t trust him at all.

There’s just four more days until election day in London West, and four other ridings around the province. Send Hudak a message by not sending Chahbar to Queen’s Park. Support choice.



4 Comments on “Abortion just became a by-election issue for the PCs”

  1. fern hill says:

    I was the blogger who ‘broke’ the story of Hudak’s abortion stance. I’ll be on this tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.


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  3. Paula says:

    I was wondering if you would comment on this for me. On the eve of the last Provincial election, Hudak is quoted as saying that he would also cancel the power plant project. No one in the general public seems to know or remember this. With all the ruckus the Tories are making of this, how come his comments have not been brought up in the media?


    • lisakirbie says:

      You’re right. All three parties pledged to cancel the gas plants. Several of us pointed out this hypocrisy on TV appearances at the time.

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