The Speaker speaks

Full text of Dave Levac’s statement is below (emphasis mine). I think some Tory MPPs – Michael Harris in particular – need to apologize. But they won’t.

Legislative Assembly of Ontario – July 30, 2013

Emails have recently been released relating to the ruling I delivered to the House on the issue of the government’s failure to release certain documents ordered by the Standing Committee on Estimates. I cannot speak to the mindset of the authors of the emails or any motivation that may have been behind them.

Additionally, I have no comment to make on the ruling made. It stood and speaks for itself. The fact that the ruling did stand should also speak for itself.

However, I would like to provide some background to the matter. From time to time, Speakers meet with representatives from all three parties on a great variety of issues, including clarification or explanation of decisions already rendered in the House. In those meetings the Speaker is often offered differing viewpoints. While I believe it is important to consider the various sides of an issue, I have never felt unable to make an informed, objective and procedurally sound decision, free of political interference. The priority for me, as it is for any Speaker, is to carefully consider all arguments, applying greater weight to the wisdom of procedural authority, precedent and practice and to come to a decision that is in the best interest of the institution of Parliament.

Honourable Dave Levac, Speaker

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