The women’s rights movement is not about the right to go topless

Women’s equality is about receiving equal pay for equal work. It’s about ending the pervasive and systemic violence against women. It’s about breaking glass ceilings. Women’s rights are about being able to walk down a street without threat of rape, or any form of sexual violence.

This is not about the fight for gender equality, and anyone who thinks so is delusional.

In an elevator with One Direction

Earlier this month, this guy and I were in LA. We stayed at a hotel on Sunset Blvd. (not far from where I once lived twenty-some years ago) nicknamed the Riot Hyatt. It’s rock ‘n’ roll pedigree is legendary. Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison all have spent time at this hotel.

On day two, dozens of teenage girls – and some boys – descended onto the hotel, in a frenzied pack, cameras in hand. Every time a teenage-ish boy came out of the front doors, a collective squeal would waft up to our room. One Direction, we were told, was the band staying at the Riot Hyatt. Now, we aren’t fans of pop music, particularly a band that was formed to make money, not great music.

The big reason we were in LA was my partner was going to be performing live with the Palma Violets – a great band, and an even better group of guys – on our last night in town. I dressed that night in a pair of black skinny jeans and a sleeveless Joy Division t-shirt.  We then got into the hotel elevator with at least one member of OD, along with one of their goons (who dressed like he was part of the PMPD, complete with ear piece). This child/boy band member laughs at my shirt, which in turn prompts the obligatory giggles from his fawning entourage. I didn’t take it personally. After all, I wouldn’t expect someone who sings meaningless sugary pop songs for a living to get  the greatness that is Joy Division.

But looky, tonight at the VMAs, one of the pretentious jerks of One Direction is wearing – wait for it – a Joy Division tee. (Also, the fact that they win awards for their “music” makes me sad).





Mic Mac Mall employs “girls are dumb” ad campaign

Seriously, it is 2013 and someone at an ad agency thought it was a great idea to develop this ad campaign. And then the mall execs agreed. I’m not sure how so many people could be so stupid.

The ads were insulting, offensive and sexist. They were also unimaginative (it would be interesting to know which firm came up with the concept).

Anyways, send Mic Mac Mall a message: shop someone else.

About the Board of Internal Economy

I worked for several years in the Senate. I was a Chief of Staff and then went to work for the Leader, so I know my way around the place. When Conservative senator David Tkachuk resigned form chairing the very secretive BOIE, I figured something was up.

Now we know what it is.

Rehtaeh’s dad speaks

My heart breaks for Mr. Canning, and everyone who loved this young woman.


The Sun will come up tomorrow

Yes, another goofy play on the word “sun” (although I waited so long to post about yesterday’s CRTC ruling all the good references were taken).

All in all, the ruling was, well, good. Being the glass-half-full woman that I am, I look forward to Sun News being on-air for quite some time. Full disclosure, I appear regularly on Sun, representing the Liberal (and liberal) view point and I have to tell you, the folks at Sun that I work with are a great group of people, dedicated to what they do, with a perspective different than mine.

I respect the fact that they’re willing have people like me and others come on who disagree with them. And as much as I’m entitled to my viewpoint, they’re entitled to theirs. On the very same air waves where CBC, CTV, and others, can be found.

The Ontario PCs are sharpening their knives

Let the leadership war begin!

It seems that no lessons were learned from the Chretien/Martin years. There is now open revolt in the Tory ranks, which is genuinely awesome. As I said on Sun News yesterday, as a Liberal, I welcome a full and open PC leadership review. It will expose deep rifts within the PC membership, the party establishment and the caucus – many of whom wanted to turf Hudak after the 2011 Ontario fall election. Hudak blew a substantial and consistent lead going into that election and then made mistake after mistake during the writ period that returned the Liberals to government (just a seat shy of a majority). Worse still for them was last week’s byelection result – in a climate that couldn’t have been worse for the Grits, the Tories only sent a single candidate to Queen’s Park (and the Liberals sent two!). Holyday’s win wasn’t even Hudak’s; it was the strength of a candidate who is incredibly well-known and popular, and – gads! – the brothers’ Ford.

So, go for it, Tories. Please. Rip your party apart in public. Please.

LA in 72 hours

Can you do LA in 72 hours? Yes – just don’t plan on getting a lot of sleep.

I spent a year in LA in the late 80s doing some modelling, which didn’t go so well – I was considered too “fat” (seriously), too ethnic and too old (I was just 19 but my agent wanted me to lie about my age). But it will make for a great chapter in a book one day. Anyways… We did some fun touristy stuff like going downtown LA to stroll Olvera Street and take in the breathtaking architecture of Union Station. We visited the Melrose Trading Post – where the people watching was even better than the shopping – and drove up to the Griffith Observatory. Also, the Santa Monica PierVenice Beach, Melrose Avenue and various shopping outlets. There were some other stops, too.

Our hotel was overtaken by teenage girls, and some boys, too, when the Brit boy band One Direction’s tour bus pulled up out front for the duration of our stay. Cheers would emanate from street level each time one of the band members – or someone who looked like a band member – ducked out of the hotel and waved to the adoring crowd.  (It reminded me of the one and only time I camped out for a celebrity: I was 13 and Scott Baio was making an appearance at a Vancouver car show. I waited 3 hours in line for his autograph. If you are too young to know who “Chachi” is, google it. As an aside, I met him at a party while I was living in LA. He was a jackass, but I digress).

Our last night in LA was spent at a gig with the Palma Violets (this band is going to be huge, seriously – they’re also really great guys). And this guy was on stage with them belting out a tune he wrote as a teenager. Check out the video I shot of the whole gang: