LA in 72 hours

Can you do LA in 72 hours? Yes – just don’t plan on getting a lot of sleep.

I spent a year in LA in the late 80s doing some modelling, which didn’t go so well – I was considered too “fat” (seriously), too ethnic and too old (I was just 19 but my agent wanted me to lie about my age). But it will make for a great chapter in a book one day. Anyways… We did some fun touristy stuff like going downtown LA to stroll Olvera Street and take in the breathtaking architecture of Union Station. We visited the Melrose Trading Post – where the people watching was even better than the shopping – and drove up to the Griffith Observatory. Also, the Santa Monica PierVenice Beach, Melrose Avenue and various shopping outlets. There were some other stops, too.

Our hotel was overtaken by teenage girls, and some boys, too, when the Brit boy band One Direction’s tour bus pulled up out front for the duration of our stay. Cheers would emanate from street level each time one of the band members – or someone who looked like a band member – ducked out of the hotel and waved to the adoring crowd.  (It reminded me of the one and only time I camped out for a celebrity: I was 13 and Scott Baio was making an appearance at a Vancouver car show. I waited 3 hours in line for his autograph. If you are too young to know who “Chachi” is, google it. As an aside, I met him at a party while I was living in LA. He was a jackass, but I digress).

Our last night in LA was spent at a gig with the Palma Violets (this band is going to be huge, seriously – they’re also really great guys). And this guy was on stage with them belting out a tune he wrote as a teenager. Check out the video I shot of the whole gang:

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