The Ontario PCs are sharpening their knives

Let the leadership war begin!

It seems that no lessons were learned from the Chretien/Martin years. There is now open revolt in the Tory ranks, which is genuinely awesome. As I said on Sun News yesterday, as a Liberal, I welcome a full and open PC leadership review. It will expose deep rifts within the PC membership, the party establishment and the caucus – many of whom wanted to turf Hudak after the 2011 Ontario fall election. Hudak blew a substantial and consistent lead going into that election and then made mistake after mistake during the writ period that returned the Liberals to government (just a seat shy of a majority). Worse still for them was last week’s byelection result – in a climate that couldn’t have been worse for the Grits, the Tories only sent a single candidate to Queen’s Park (and the Liberals sent two!). Holyday’s win wasn’t even Hudak’s; it was the strength of a candidate who is incredibly well-known and popular, and – gads! – the brothers’ Ford.

So, go for it, Tories. Please. Rip your party apart in public. Please.

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