Mic Mac Mall employs “girls are dumb” ad campaign

Seriously, it is 2013 and someone at an ad agency thought it was a great idea to develop this ad campaign. And then the mall execs agreed. I’m not sure how so many people could be so stupid.

The ads were insulting, offensive and sexist. They were also unimaginative (it would be interesting to know which firm came up with the concept).

Anyways, send Mic Mac Mall a message: shop someone else.

One Comment on “Mic Mac Mall employs “girls are dumb” ad campaign”

  1. Erika says:

    Hi Lisa – I was wondering about the agency myself, as the message seemed so out of sync with Halifax values.


    Based in Victoria and Vancouver, this BC firm’s tag line is “we get shoppers”. Maybe an east coast firm would have taking a different tack? Maybe they nailed mall culture dead on and this campaign is working for their client?

    EIther way, I agree, very unappealing.

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