Rogers sucks, part infinity – UPDATED

Like you, I pay my bills online. With Rogers, I have several accounts: blackberry, two iPhones, home phone, Internet, cable. As a consequence, I pay them a lot. And often.

I realized yesterday that I had forgotten to pay my cable bill so I called Rogers’ 1-888 number, went through the automated steps, identified my postal code and phone number associated with my accounts and which account I wanted to pay. Then I paid 200-plus dollars through my Visa. As I have done many times before without incident.

At the end of the call Rogers sent a text message to my iPhone confirming the payment. There was just one problem.


First thing this morning I called Rogers. I figure they could apply my Visa payment to my actual account and everything would be fine. Easy peasy, right? Wrong.

The first customer service person I got didn’t seem to understand the problem. After not-so-patiently trying to explain it, she tells me that the responsibility is Visa’s and that I need to speak with them and dispute the charge. I told her that was ridiculous. She also refused to agree that Rogers was at fault for wrongly assigning my payment to someone else’s account.

I called Rogers back and got a different person. Explained the situation again. He went into the system and found the payment I made. Great! Perfect! Now Rogers will transfer the payment to my account, right?


Rogers is refusing to do so until the account holder of the account that isn’t mine pays his bill to a zero balance.

I’ll give you a second to digest that.

Yes, Rogers is now holding my $200-plus payment hostage and using it to pay the bill of an account that I’m not responsible for – after Rogers wrongly put it there in the first place.

Not cool, Rogers. And, quite probably, not legal either.

UPDATE: After 8.5 hours, a Rogers social media guy named Ravi and dozens of DMs on Twitter, we may have resolution.

Ravi worked all day to get my $266 applied to my account. I won’t know for sure until I see it appear on my Visa but I’m cautiously optimistic.

I’ll keep you posted. And in the meantime, thanks Ravi!

6 Comments on “Rogers sucks, part infinity – UPDATED”

  1. kelly says:

    Recently Rogers digital cable boxes of a certain age stopped functioning. Those wanting to retain these digital services were to bring in the old boxes and exchange for newer ones. Many people chose to forgo the new box and live without digital. Rogers continues to charge them over $12 for a service they don’t have if they don’t bring the old box in. Rogers will not pick up their own property. Many people don’t even notice that the boxes don’t work and will keep paying that $12 a month for years. Score Rogers!

  2. KristinMH says:

    Rogers did a similar thing to me in 2007 – they applied the payments to the wrong account for 3 months, then threatened to cut the phone off. The weirdest part was that they refused to deal with anyone but me, the account holder, and I was in England at the time! I had to keep going to phone booths in the middle of the night to call their office when it was open. (One of the customer service people had told my husband that he could pay the bill at a Rogers store, then sort out the misapplied payments, but when he event to the store they refused to let him pay!) Finally they figured it out, but I switched companies as soon as I was back in the country. Fucking Rogers.

  3. Rogershelps says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I am not sure how the error has occurred if the email confirmation was sent to the right address I am assuming it was a manmade error. We have received your tweets @Rogershelps, will be more than happy assist via Twitter.

    Sorry about the trouble and inconvenience.



    • lisakirbie says:

      “Manmade” error?

      It was a Rogers error. You’ve attributed my cell phone number to another person’s accounts. That’s what happened, which I’ve tried to explain twice already today.

      Thanks for getting in touch Ravi.

  4. MoS says:

    It’s an amazing conversation starter. Next time you’re with a group of friends at a pub, tell your latest Rogers horror story. Watch as everyone else who has ever had anything to do with Rogers chimes in with their own tale of grief and woe.

  5. Lisa F says:

    wow. just wow. I feel youe pain, as we had similarly horrific treatment more than once. They came to my door 6 months ago to try to reclaim my business. I said I hadnt dealt with Rogers for over 7 years, and it would probably take another 7 AT LEAST, to get over the exceptionally bad customer DIS-SERVICE I received. I would opt for smoke signals if they were the last telecommuncations provider on earth.

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