Harperites’ hypocrisy

On Monday, long-time Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis said something regrettable on television. Stupid, too. And then he did something that politicians don’t do enough these days – he immediately apologized.

But then the Harper machine got on it. There’s a petition out there calling for Karygiannis’ resignation and a fundraising letter, under Tory minister Julian Fantino’s signature titled, “Fire Him Now.”

As I said on Sun today, Karygiannis did the right thing by apologizing for said stupid comments, but we shouldn’t take any lessons from the Conservatives on this, given their astonishing track record. Here are just a few highlights:

Karygiannis’ comments were insensitive, disrespectful and just plain wrong. He apologized. Conservatives want him fired.

Conservative ministers make racist comments, suggest that cancer is sexy and joke about the deaths of 17 Canadians and nothing happens.

I’m not defending Karigiannis’ comments – and no one should – but the hypocrisy of this government is astounding.

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