What Lindsay Mattick Davidson and the Globe didn’t tell you

Today, the Globe ran an opinion piece by Lindsay Mattick Davidson, one of the Justin Trudeau “ladies night” organizers. She, apparently, is unhappy with those of us who criticized the invitation and is now whining – in print – that politics is “ugly.” What’s really ugly however is when you pen an op-ed and don’t disclose your ties to the organizer, who in this case is Amanda Alvaro.

You see, Alvaro – who is no stranger to politics – runs a Toronto PR shop called, Narrative. Mattick Davidson, referred to by the Globe as a “public relations executive,” is Alvaro’s vice president. That’s right, she’s second in command over at Narrative. And today she was defending her boss.

Here at Daisy – the Toronto firm where I’m a VP – we always disclose where we work to the media, and if there’s a client conflict. Every single time.

Mattick Davidson should have disclosed the name of her firm. So should have the Globe.

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