DiNovo is “enabling” stupidity

We didn’t have time to talk about this on Sun TV today, sadly. Here’s my free advice to Cheri DiNovo: Stop demanding that Kathleen Wynne meet with Rob Ford. It’s not strategic in any sense. And it hurts your NDP friends at City Hall.

Here’s why Wynne is right to not meet with Ford:

– He’s admitted to smoking crack.
– He’s appears to have a significant alcohol problem.
– He’s a liar.
– He’s an international joke.

There’s more, but you get the picture. Even Tim Hudak is smart enough to stay away from Ford. A good NDP friend of mine told me it’s “stupid” for DiNovo to be doing this.

It is stupid. And it hurts the credibility of her leader and her party.

2 Comments on “DiNovo is “enabling” stupidity”

  1. Billy Stewart says:


    Considering Cheri overcame a vicious smear campaign, during which McGuinty, the OLP, your boy toy, and boy toy wannabes like Cherniak stopped at nothing to attempt to impugn her character, I don’t think Cheri DiNovo needs any advice from Liberals.

    Her election victories and her reputation as one of the most effective and respected parliamentarians at Queen’s Park has more than served as vindication.

    But more to the point, what is so egregious about not abandoning an obviously sick and suffering man, irrespective of how odious his ideology and past behavior may have been? And what is so odious about standing up for decency?

    All DiNovo said was that when Ford, still a duly elected official and leader of Toronto, formally requested a meeting with Wynne, common decency and courtesy would have been to grant such a meeting.

    If I may offer my free advice. A brief meeting with Rob Ford would have required such little effort and would have looked very good on Wynne. It would have played well into her attempts to project an image of a progressive premier who engages in difficult conversations, who attempts to speak across divides, who is compassionate yada yada yada.

  2. Beth Higginson says:

    I agree with Lisa

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