This doesn’t need to be happening

I spent several years living in this part of Ontario, and proudly served as a board member of a local women’s shelter. So, when I heard about what’s happening to the good folks at the Northumberland Child Development Centre, I was stunned. In the course of the last year, the provincial ministry responsible for these services changed, the funding model changed, their funding got cut by a quarter million, programs were cut, they were threatened, they were muzzled… I could go on but you get the picture.

And Premier Kathleen Wynne was MIA throughout all of this.

Tomorrow, Northumberland County Council will be voting to strip NCDC’s funding and give it to someone else. After more than thirty years of helping local families, it is shameful what the County is doing to these people. Children and fragile families will be placed needlessly placed at risk. All for the sake of politics.


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