John Tory kicked off Stintz’s bad week

Most of Toronto’s politicos were caught by surprise when John Tory decided to go out for milk last Sunday night. Surprised because it seemed very hurried and because, well, Tory actually made a decision. And also surprised because everyone knew that Karen Stintz would be announcing her mayoral candidacy first thing Monday morning – except that Tory got there first. This move by Tory seemed petty and decidedly unsportsmanlikeeven by political standards. (It should be noted that Tory didn’t have a particularly good week either).

So, Stintz’s week started off with a whimper and went downhill from there. Some highlights:

I know some of the people on this campaign and they’re smart, experienced guys. Her week should have gone better.


The real John Tory

A couple of weeks ago, John Tory – privileged one -percenter that he is – weighed in on why women earn less than men. According to Tory, we 1) don’t “put up a fuss” and 2) don’t spend enough time on the golf course.

Aside from the fact that the last thing Toronto needs is the out-of-touch Tory in the mayor’s chair, he picked the very day that Karen Stintz is set to announce her campaign; a fact that is well-known to everyone with a pulse. Stintz is, so far, the only woman to sign up for this contest and Tory decides to blow up her announcement. I’m not a Stintz fan but this was an incredibly disrespectful move.

I hope she kicks the crap out of him today, all the way back to the Rosedale Club.


Happy birthday, Dad

Birthdays are supposed to be fun, light events, which is hard when we miss those who are no longer living. He was born February 20, 1941. And he was tragically killed just thirty short years later. Taken too soon, you hear people say about those who die young. I was just two years old when it happened. He loved me madly, I’m told. 

He died before I was old enough to have memories of him. I don’t know what his voice sounded like. I don’t know what it feels like to be enveloped in a hug that only fathers can give their little girls. So many “nevers” are attached to him. Jake. My dad.

I was his only daughter, his only child. When my parents split, before he died, he fought for custody – something unheard of so many decades ago. It must have been such a painful time but somehow knowing how desperately he wanted to raise me brings some comfort. Given how little time he had left on this earth, I wish he had been granted it.

Life is complicated, whether you live for a long time or not. Hug your kids, even if they’re too young to remember.

Happy birthday, Dad.

If General Leslie wasn’t a Liberal, this wouldn’t be news

More Tory dirty tricks.

The Harper guys don’t seem to mind shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to move a disgraced general after he was court-martialled to the UAE. They don’t have a problem with shutting down veterans’ offices or cutting two billion from defence spending over their years in government. But this, they have a problem with. What about the dozen other retired military officials this government paid to move within the same cities? Well, I guess they weren’t Liberals.


Hey, look who sent me a Valentine!

JT Valentine 2

Rob Ford’s Facebook Look Back

John Tory thinks this is the reason women get paid less than men

PressProgress refers to John Tory as an electoral “serial loser.”  Sounds about right.

Today, Tory opined as to why women earn less than men. I, for one, was surprised to learn that it’s my fault if I don’t earn as much as a man. That’s right. John Tory thinks if we women aren’t earning the same as men, well, it’s our own damn fault.

Kind of like slut-shaming, but in a business sense. Check out the link here, and listen at about the three-minute mark.