John Tory thinks this is the reason women get paid less than men

PressProgress refers to John Tory as an electoral “serial loser.”  Sounds about right.

Today, Tory opined as to why women earn less than men. I, for one, was surprised to learn that it’s my fault if I don’t earn as much as a man. That’s right. John Tory thinks if we women aren’t earning the same as men, well, it’s our own damn fault.

Kind of like slut-shaming, but in a business sense. Check out the link here, and listen at about the three-minute mark.


2 Comments on “John Tory thinks this is the reason women get paid less than men”

  1. Rita Smith says:

    Really? Because when Anti-Sharia organizers asked him to take a position against Sharia Law in Ontario in 2004, he declined to do so. I called his office and asked to speak with him 3 times and always got put through to his Chief of Staff, who told me “Rita, it’s just not going to happen.” Then, when I lent my name – and my Conservative status – to their cause before the 2nd Rally in 2005, John Tory called my voicemail and left a hissy-fit message. Negotiating with him was interesting, to say the least.

  2. rww says:

    Only to be outdone by the “journalist”s’ it’s harder to say no to a woman” remark.

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