If General Leslie wasn’t a Liberal, this wouldn’t be news

More Tory dirty tricks.

The Harper guys don’t seem to mind shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to move a disgraced general after he was court-martialled to the UAE. They don’t have a problem with shutting down veterans’ offices or cutting two billion from defence spending over their years in government. But this, they have a problem with. What about the dozen other retired military officials this government paid to move within the same cities? Well, I guess they weren’t Liberals.

One Comment on “If General Leslie wasn’t a Liberal, this wouldn’t be news”

  1. Darlene says:

    I really liked the part of how he said that without General Leslie that the Liberals would have no legitimacy on that file. Sure, I agree with that. It is also the very reason that this is not news. I take great joy from the threat that Mr. Trudeau brings to them.

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