The real John Tory

A couple of weeks ago, John Tory – privileged one -percenter┬áthat he is – weighed in on why women earn less than men. According to Tory, we 1) don’t “put up a fuss” and 2) don’t spend enough time on the golf course.

Aside from the fact that the last thing Toronto needs is the out-of-touch Tory in the mayor’s chair, he picked the very day that Karen Stintz is set to announce her campaign; a fact that is well-known to everyone with a pulse. Stintz is, so far, the only woman to sign up for this contest and Tory decides to blow up her announcement. I’m not a Stintz fan but this was an incredibly disrespectful move.

I hope she kicks the crap out of him today, all the way back to the Rosedale Club.


3 Comments on “The real John Tory”

  1. john robinson says:

    That was week. Any oppinion why women make less then men??? Who is to say Stintz didn’t trump Tory’s anouncement.

    • Andre says:

      It was a well known fact that this was the date Karen Stintz would announce her running for mayoral office. Iy’s been known fkr ages. John Tory is the one who made the surprise announcememt.

      • john robinson says:

        That is the obvious answer however I would suggest Karen in a much stronger candidate and John’s announcement on top of her’s is him playing everything he has in his hand. The election is a long way a way and the announcing of your candidacy is sooo unimportant it’s a joke to even analyze it. It was no secret they were both going to run so to make it into a feminist issue is disingenuous.

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