Political Best and Worst of 2014

I’m heading over to Sun shortly to talk about my picks for 2014 with Warren.

Here are my picks:

BEST MOVE: Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers saving the lives of countless politicians and visitors the day a gunman opened fire on Parliament Hill. It’s political because of where it happened –  his heroic behaviour that day on the Hill should be on the minds of every politician as they take their seats during Question Period.
WORST: Sexual harassment on the Hill, and how the parties (badly) handled it. But also Conservatives behaving badly –  Brazeau, Duffy, Del Mastro, to name just a few.
MOST SURPRISING: Wynne winning a fourth Liberal government and Rob Ford dropping out of the mayoral race (which significantly changed the course of the race).
MOST IMPROVED: Liberal Party of Canada’s showing since Justin Trudeau became leader.
MOST DISAPPOINTING: Olivia Chow’s performance in Toronto’s mayoral race and the federal Liberal Party’s ongoing ‘open nomination’ fiasco.
NEWSMAKER(S): Rehtaeh Parsons and the impact she (and her family) has had on the Canadian conscience, our laws, and issues surrounding consent/sexual assault. What happened to her should never happen to anyone else.  

One Comment on “Political Best and Worst of 2014”

  1. Without doubt Mr Vickers is one capable and courageous Canadian.. But … we are left to infer there would be no murder of countless politicians or visitors within the Parliament Building.

    We’ve been told the murderer of Cpl Cirillo had a knife with him.. for mass beheadings? He certainly had a 7 shot Winchester lever action 30-30 carbine and fired at least 3 shots at the Cenotaph, plus one that wounded a brave unarmed security guard, plus a shot into the Conservative caucus door and another into and through the NDP caucus door.

    We’ve heard no mention of reloading while driving or running.. and no mention of extra ammunition found in his pockets. So did the gunman have one or none.. shots left when he was killed? Reports say he may have been shot 10 to 12 times prior to Mr Vickers shooting him. And an autopsy has seemingly been underway since the day of the attack, to establish which wounds came from which guns that shot him

    If the gunman had scads of ammunition we would have heard all about it.. from Peter Kent or Paul Calandra who were quick to embrace Stephen Harper’s terrorist theory, announced so quickly before even the RCMP or police could let the public know what they knew or didn’t know.

    At this point it appears the gunman was not asked to surrender, huddled behind a column, trapped in the alcove fronting the Library with what was surely a locked door, like every other door.

    We also have no information on how many fired 30-30 shells were collected as obvious homicide evidence. From the Cenotaph, the 2 cars involved, the grounds and the hallway. Were there six, or seven? Or more.. which implies some pretty amazing reloading skills.

    Goodness. a single beat cop could have rolled this case up in a day or two.. but via the RCMP with The Harper Government’s ‘Speaker’ Scheer leading an investigation in might last to the next election.. whenever that might be..

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