Wente is nothing but Globe and Mail clickbait

Some male Dalhousie dental students posted about how you should “bang” young women until they are unconscious; choosing which woman you’d like to “hate fuck”; commenting that you’d like to drug women into unconsciousness (with drugs they have access to). Margaret Wente thinks this is typical of how young men talk about women.

As the mother of a young man, and a step-mother to several more, I take exception to her misguided and ignorant conclusion that these Dal students were simply boys being boys. None of the boys I have raised, and amĀ helping to raise, speak like this – whether I am in earshot or not. These statements were not mere “coarse talk,” but rather they are misogynistic, fuelled by anger and a seeming hatred of women. There is no other explanation.

To pervert that, as Wente has is this disgraceful column, is outrageous. And men should be particularly angered that she frames them this way.

Yesterday’s Wente column is nothing more than Globe and Mail clickbait, and we’d be wise to stop reading this trash (which is why I’m not linking to it here).

One Comment on “Wente is nothing but Globe and Mail clickbait”

  1. Paul Jacobelli says:

    I concur. Out of touch with most men in today’s world, compounded by lazy journalism.

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