The statement that Justin Trudeau should have released

As we all now know, on Monday,  MP Eve Adams – after being denied an opportunity to run in the next election as a Conservative – crossed the floor to join the Liberal Caucus. Many Liberals are unhappy with this (see here and here) and many journalists were brutal is their assessments. I weighed in, too, arguing that the acceptance of Adams as a Liberal undermines Trudeau’s ‘open nomination’ pledge.

How should have the Eve Adams floor crossing been handled? Well, this is the (fictitious) statement I think the Liberals should have released:

Liberal Party of Canada applauds MP Eve Adams’ courage

February 9, 2015

OTTAWA – The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, today applauded Eve Adams’, Member of Parliament for Mississauga—Brampton South, decision to leave the Conservative Party of Canada’s Caucus.

“After having spent the last quarter century as a Conservative party member, and the last four years as its elected representative in the House of Commons, Eve Adams has shown tremendous courage in choosing to leave this divisive and mean-spirited government,” said Mr. Trudeau. “While Eve had initially sought to become a member of the Liberal Caucus, she understands it is better for democracy – and Canadians – that she sit as an Independent for the few short months that remain before the next election.”

“As I have committed to an open nomination process, I strongly encourage Ms. Adams to seek the Liberal nomination in a riding of her choice. Like all other potential Liberal candidates, she will be required to successfully complete the Green Light process before doing so. We fully support Ms. Adams’ desire to run for a party that is inclusive, fair and democratic – the Liberal Party of Canada.”*


*In case it’s not clear enough, this is a fictitious statement and in no way reflects the views of Mr. Trudeau or anyone in his office. 

One Comment on “The statement that Justin Trudeau should have released”

  1. Paul Jacobelli says:

    It was a mistake to accept her into the Liberal caucus. However, I think the rest is probably already the case. if we Libs support democracy and an open process then Ms Adams must be allowed to run for the nomination wherever she chooses. She will have to apply, get green-lighted, sign up members and get enough of them to vote for her on E-Day. That is a tough slog. Considering how many Libs will now volunteer for the other candidate, myself included last night, I think that Ms Eves will not win the nomination.

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